View From Above 

During the summer months, DSEC hosts schooling shows and clinics. Instructors, Dr. Gelvin and Jess, make use of both indoor and outdoor arenas for lessons and training.


Photo Credit: Grace White

Horses at DSEC have spacious outdoor paddocks that are cleaned daily. Pasture turn-out is also available for all horses as a supplement to activity and exercise. Horses at DSEC are fed and snacked 4 times daily to maintain a healthy metabolism. 

Outdoor Arena

In the winter months, Dr. Gelvin and Jess utilize the heated indoor arena to maintain equine fitness and training. Students enjoy lessons throughout summer and winter months without interruption. Boarders also enjoy taking advantage of the heated indoor facility. 

Indoor Arena

DSEC is open and operating year round with arena space, paddocks, pasture and trails in beautiful Goldstream Valley.